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Season Mansion Model Room
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Exploring More Possibilities of Space


Home is healing, fun, and enjoyable. Everyone's unique understanding of life converges into individual, special, and heartfelt living spaces.

In the recent design of three model rooms in Season Mansion, Changzhou, WJ STUDIO embarked on a journey to present multiple possibilities of ideal space, tailored to the diverse personal needs of residents.


01 Breathing New Life


We draw the energy of life from nature and gain insights into life from our homes. When sunshine and plants become the gentle presentation of the home, it feels like stepping into a shady oasis, inviting everyone to explore the inner beauty instinctively.


The combination of soft primrose yellow and relaxed basil green forms the main color palette of the space, evoking the joy and sense of belonging in the home. The pure natural materials are cleverly integrated with modern furniture, revealing the warmth of life amidst simplicity. Bathed in natural light, the comfort and poetry of daily life slowly unfold.


The kitchen and dining area are connected through the bar, extending the functionality of the space and transforming it into a gathering place that integrates storage, baking, and dining. This arrangement adds more dynamism and possibilities to daily life.


The master bedroom continues the color scheme through artistic hangings, bedside lamps, and other details, creating an overall atmosphere that is refreshing, healing, relaxing, and comfortable. As a warm ray of sunshine filters through the window and a gentle breeze rustles the curtains, swaying the delicate flowers, life becomes concrete and vivid here.


The elder's bedroom adopts a gray tone as its foundation, revealing a serene and inward vitality under the embellishment of warm yellow lighting.


The girl's room is a lively little world where the joy and fun of childhood are reflected in the colorful wall paintings, pillows, and hidden in carefully selected ornaments and dolls.


02 Modern New Trend


Avant-garde artistic toys are undoubtedly the most distinctive feature of this home, while the understated luxury and fashion conveyed by the extensive use of stone and wooden finishes represent the residents' spiritual pursuit of high-quality living.


Reading, music, art, trendy toys, fitness, yoga... The beautiful things in life are all incorporated into the home, vibrant and colorful, yet perfectly balanced. The leisurely and comfortable atmosphere of the home, with its understated elegance, is gradually revealed in the living room.


The metal used as an embellishment in the space forms a display rack for trendy artworks, making the home an ideal place to showcase hobbies and memories.


The orange-brown dining chairs and metal art decorations brighten up the space, bringing a refreshing vibrancy to the family atmosphere with their vibrant colors.


The master bedroom is dominated by a more serene and understated fawn brown hue, as elegant, free, and charming as the setting sun. The TV cabinet with hidden light strips and the orderly walk-in wardrobe complement the cozy atmosphere of the bedroom.


The girl's room is themed around reading and art, with cute toys and rugs gently wrapping around the space, while dynamic paintings inspire the child's free imagination.


The boy's room, with its black and white color palette, continues the trendy and fashionable aesthetic. Slightly reflective leather cushions, mirrored metal lampshades, and matte and warm picture frames all contribute to the rich texture and layered feel of the space, despite the use of the same black hue in different materials.


03 Oriental New Luxury


Starting from the entrance vestibule defined by dark wooden veneers and marble, the composition of planes, lines, and colors establishes a sense of elegance, order, art, and understated luxury in the space.


Moving forward, the kitchen, dining room, and living room are connected as one, creating a spacious and open feeling under the backdrop of two panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows.


The L-shaped sofa and horsehair armchair enclose a cozy and relaxed seating area, while the marble background wall gracefully stands on the other side, infusing the space with peaceful and elegant hues. Enhanced by the embellishment of artworks, the texture and aesthetics of the space are reflected in these fine details.


The reading area, with its bright floor-to-ceiling windows as a backdrop, further expands the functionality of the living room. The adornment of floor lamps, leather desk lamps, and vinyl record players adds a touch of luxurious and exquisite artistic atmosphere to this small space. The happy company of the family, the bustling beauty of the city, and the elegant melody of music unfold one by one in front of the desk, offering a small but certain happiness in life.


The bedrooms are located on both sides of the vestibule. The master bedroom takes elegance as its keyword, with tones and textures intertwining to create a refined and tender scene. The clever design of the dressing table integrated with the TV cabinet and the wardrobe blends gently into the space, further enhancing the overall functionality of the bedroom.


The room for the elders continues the color scheme of the master bedroom, exuding warmth and tranquility. Artworks with a gold foil texture sparkle under the light, and sitting on the bay window playing a game of chess, the days of elegance and leisure unfold slowly.


The boy's room, on the other hand, adds vibrancy to the space with a clever layout and active yet subtle colors. The child's hobbies and nature are displayed in his little world.


The multifunctional room, which combines family movie watching, collecting, private enjoyment, and reading, is another highlight. It is the perfect space for the family to immerse themselves in cozy moments together, realizing the multiple possibilities of home.


Home is always a place where people deeply connect with each other. Therefore, whether it's the materials or the decorations, they should all be tailored to each individual's unique needs, creating a beautiful living space that belongs only to them.