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On 15th June 2023, Mr. Hu Zhile, Founder & Design Director of WJ STUDIO, was invited to participate in the first "Andrew Martin Chat in Town" event in China as a keynote speaker, and gave a special design sharing session on the topic of "Two or Three Things about Design". 

In the nearly three hours' communication, Hu Zhile took "what is design" and "what is design" as the introduction, and combined with the company's recent projects, such as Mawei Shuanzheng Bookstore, Yunlangu Business Centre, and Equator Peak Coffee, etc., he shared his views on the process from concept to implementation. He shared the practice and thinking from concept to implementation; at the same time, Hu also shared the results of international competitions and academic research based on the PRO-LAB team, and deeply analysed the importance of multi-dimensional composite and top-level thinking.