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Building 7 No.313 Tianmushan Road Hangzhou Zhejiang China Zip/ 310013

Wan Jing Design firm ( referred to as the Wan Jing Design), which was founded in 2014, focuses on interior decoration art design, with smart space and unique style as its concept. In contrast to the present  interior design style which is too formal with excessive stacking design elements, we pay more attention to the continuity of interior and exterior space and its creative thinking. We offer the best indoor design solutions with  elegant and productive time extensibility based on our own understanding of buildings, surroundings and the core value of the products. The founder and the core team of our company are composed of domestic elite designers with working experiences in overseas top design firms in various fields such as hotels, commerces, offices etc., our team are not only capable of offering designs in global view but more being local experts on projects follow-up services.